HITACHI CRITICAL FACILITIES PROTECTION PTE. LTD.  (LIGHTNING PROTECTION SYSTEMS) (JAPAN) Hitachi Critical Facilities Protection Pte Ltd is a subsidiary of Hitachi Plant Technologies, Ltd. Built to provide its expertise in engineering solutions to provide protection to facilities from natural and accidental disasters caused by Lightning, Earthquake, Fire and Flooding. Hitachi Critical Facilities has recently acquired Lightning Eliminators and Consultants (Asia) Pte. Ltd. LEC- Asia is globally known to provide integrated lightning prevention and protection products through their patented charge transfer technology, grounding systems, surge protection etc. This includes Dissipation Array Systems (DAS), Spline Ball Ionizers (SBI), Spline Ball Terminals (SBT), Chemical Rods as well as Surge Protection systems.
Products :
Dissipation Array® System (DAS®)
The Chem-Rod® Ground Rod         
The SBT is a certified substitute for conventional lightning rods.  The SBT has some dissipation capability which allows it to prevent most lightning strikes and collect all remaining strikes and send energy safely to ground. It is UL listed as a lightning rod (air terminal) so it meets standards such as NFPA-780 and UL-96A. However, the SBT provides better lightning protection than standard lightning rods because the SBT is based on hybrid technology.
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Engineered No-Strike Lightning Protection The Dissipation Array® System (DAS®) prevents lightning strikes by reducing the local, storm-induced electric fields, interrupting the formation of upward streamers, thus preventing lightning strikes in the protected area. Because direct strikes are prevented, most secondary effects are also eliminated.
Spline Ball Ionizer
The Spline Ball Ionizer (SBI®) uses the same technology as the DAS® and is often used as a component in a custom designed DAS, however, the SBI can be used as a stand-alone product to achieve lower levels of protection when the application of DAS is cost prohibitive. An SBI stand-alone system is capable of preventing approximately 75% of all direct lightning strikes and will collect 100% of all remaining strikes to the protected area.
Superior Lightning Rod (Air Terminal) Replacement  
The Standard Chem-Rod grounding rod has been proven to be the best grounding (earthing) solution of all the electrodes available. The Chem-Rods is so efficient that one Chem-Rod can replace up to ten standard ground rods.