VACONO (Internal Floating Roof Covers) (Germany) VACONO is a German based company with over 35 years of experience with vapor control. Vacono has developed a product standard in the construction of Internal and External Floating Roof Covers. The VaconoDeck’s low construction guarantees minimal loss of tank capacity. Suited for all known storage products, their IFR has excellent corrosion resistance made up of aluminum, stainless steel or a mixture of both.
Internal Floating Roof Covers
The VACONODECK (INTERNAL FLOATING ROOF COVER) Will reduce evaporation of the stored product up to 99% Is designed to float on the stored product functioning as vapor barrier according to API 650, App. H Allows an exceptionally short payback time compared to other vapour reducing technologies Can be installed in new or existing tank Excellent corrosion resistance and compatible with almost all known storage products- made either out of aluminium, stainless steel or a mixture of both Offers a wide range of seals and accessories to suit all possible requirements For technical presentation and product documentation on the engineering design and technology of Vacono’s Vapor Control Systems, please contact us.